Satellite Club

Evesham Rotary Twilight Club


Join Rotary and make a World of Difference

Name: Evesham Rotary Twilight Club

Venue: Orto Lounge, Market Square, Evesham.

Date:   We are currently working on a new format and the Club will be relaunched in 2019

Time: Twilight (6pm)

Meal option: Bar snack or eat in or go out afterwards (optional).

Content: TBA

Objective of Satellite:

To make Rotary membership both enjoyable & productive within the community.

Accessible to those who cannot attend at lunchtimes as they currently work.

To broaden the appeal of Evesham Rotary Club & to grow the membership in Evesham.

Additional Skills, knowledge & expertise to serve our community.

Attract a wider age range of members & to supplement the ageing membership within the existing Club.

To be seen as an extention of our existing club & Friends of Rotary aspirations.

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