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Latest: Closing date for bids in the Freedom Charity Art auction 8th August

Bidding Now Closed

Thank you to all our bidders!

Due to the latest Government Coronavirus advice the viewing at the centre has been cancelled. The auction will be conducted as a on-line auction only with bidding closing at 12 noon on the 8th August

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Thank-you to all our bidders. The auction is now closed. 

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The lots in this “Silent Auction” have been donated to the Freedom Day Centre by a trade gallery and 100% of the buyers purchase will benefit the Centre. Suggested prices have been allocated to the lots for guidance.

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A little about Freedom

The Freedom Day Centre supports those with learning difficulties with the aim to help our service users to gain new skills, grow in independence and become more involved in the community. We host a variety of activities that meet educational, social and therapeutic needs. These include maths, English and science, computer courses, sensory relaxation, swimming, art and design, woodwork, football with our football team (Freedom United), gardening with our local church and at our allotment, cooking in our kitchen and working in our cafe, dancing and drama which we show to the public in our talent shows and performances. We also do group outings such as day trips to theme parks, zoos and museums. We were also invited to the houses of parliament by our local MP for a day out which was fantastic.

Another important part of our day centre is Cafe Freedom, which is our “inclusive” cafe, meaning we will do our best to meet everyone’s needs. We serve homemade meals at an affordable price and include daily meal offers throughout the week. All proceeds from our cafe go back into our day centre.

Over the past two years we have received a tremendous amount of support from our local community and members of the public, this has enabled us to become a well established service that now provides a wide range of facilities for everyone to ​​enjoy​​

Visit the Freedom Centre website: Freedom Day Centre

Leading Bids Table (Bidding now closed)

Minimum starting bids; unframed prints £15, framed prints £25

Lot No  Title Artist Winning Bid
1 Sygma 38's Racing Off Ryde Steven J. Dews £25.00 HS
2 The Dainty Steven J. Dews £40.00 MM
3 Big Class Astra Rounding The Mark Steven J. Dews  
4 Royal Yacht Britannia 1893 Gordon Frickers £15.00 OL
5 The Mauretania Gordon Frickers £25.00 JS
6 We Will Remember Charles J. Thompson £25.00 MK
7 Eventide Peter Symonds £55.00 MM
Quai De La Mer Brian Jull £35.00 DC
10 Muirfield 18th Peter Munro  
11 Gleneagles Peter Munro £50.00 HS
12 St Andrews 2nd Dyke Peter Munro  
13 St Andrews 8th-Short Peter Munro  
14 St Andrews 13th-Hole O'Cross Peter Munro  
15 St Andrews 16th Corner of the Dyke Peter Munro £50.00 PS
16 St Andrews 13th Peter Munro  
17 In The Paddock Graham Isom £40.00 HS
18 Turning For Home Graham Isom £45.00 WC
19 The End of The Race Graham Isom £35.00 OL
20 Rebecca Sharp at Ascot Graham Isom £25.00 RP
21 Cheltenham Graham Isom £100.00JH
22 Lammtarra Claire Eva Burton £40.00 MT
23 Hennessy Gold Cup Claire Eva Burton £15.00 HS
24 The Grand National, Aintree Claire Eva Burton £25.00 HS
25 Dahlia, Horse of The Year 1973/1974 Keith Money £15.00 OL
26 Three Times A Winner Ray Goldsbrough  
27 The Italian Job Michael Thompson  
28 From Pole to Flag Graham Bosworth  
29 Teamwork Frederick J. Haycock £25.00 RP
30 Guardian of The Plains Spencer Hodge  
31 Free as The Wind Spencer Hodge  
32 Canada Geese Spencer Hodge  
33 Elephant John Stapley £30.00 HS
34 Buffalo John Stapley £30.00 JS
35 Kudu John Stapley £30.00 JS
36 Leopard and Cub Kim Donaldson £50.00 JM
37 Mothers Pride Rob Hefferan £45.00 AM
38 River Crossing Neil Allen £45.00 TB
39 Leopard at Bushman Rock Kim Donaldson  
40 Mothers Pride Rob Hefferan £40.00 AM
41 Summer Farm Mervyn Goode £40.00 HS
42 Ludgate Circus, London 1890 John L. Chapman £65.00 MB
43 Sleepy Hollow Duncan Palmer £40.00 HS
44 Sheep Walk Lane Bill Makinson £40.00 JH
45 Riding in Rotten Row Albert Ludovici JR  
46 Evening Verteuil Lionel Aggett £50.00 HS
47 Hollymoor Hospital, Birmingham Carl March  
48 Arundel John Chisnall  
49 Rural Calm James Hurley  
50 Country Ways James Hurley  
51 Venice 11 Justin Tew £100.00SP
52 Tranquillity-La Seine Lionel Aggett £25.00 HS
53 They're Changing The Guard Paul Haig £15.00 OL
54 Trafalgar Square Douglase E. West £20.00 JS
55 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Anthony Crickmay  
56 Madame Du Barry as The Reigning Beauty William Russell Flint £25.00 JM
57 Cafe Morning Martin Decent £75.00 NW
58 The New Room Martin Decent £75.00 NW
59 Cafe Morning Martin Decent £60.00 HS
60 Mazurka from Coppelia Glynis Barnes-Mellish £35.00 DL
61 Symphony in Blue Barbara Stewart £50.00 OL
62 Symphony in Blue Barbara Stewart £40.00 LH
63 Sir Anthony van Dyke    
64 Madame de Pompadour/Marie Antoinette    
65 Prince Harry's Room/Westminster Abbey   £25.00 JS
66 St Mary's Penzance/Chapel St. Penzance