Welcome to Evesham Rotary Club

The Rotary Clubs of Evesham are 'people of action'! We are committed to helping good causes both locally and around the world. We try to 'make a difference' for our community and invite you to use this website to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.

We have two active Clubs in Evesham - one that meets on Tuesdays (Rotary Club of Evesham - see the Club Calendar for details) and another (Rotary in the Vale) which meets on a Monday evening after work. We are two friendly bunches and welcome all new members with warmth and enthusiasm.

  The Bell Tower
Past President's Party
The Tree of Light

Past President's Tea Party

On Sunday, August 15th, we held our first big social event since Christmas 2019. Past President Trevor and Marcie opened their lovely garden for afternoon tea. Things aren't quite back to normal, yet - everyone brought their own food, and we sat at small tables. After a welcome from President Pamela we browsed and sluiced, then listened to Trevor's review of the past year, with many positive messages about how we adapted to the pandemic. Presentations to Marcie and Trevor followed, then the handover of regalia, and a toast to our Past President and his consort. Pamela spoke of her hopes for the coming year; she emphasised the changes we must make, whilst retaining the spirit of Rotary. The formal proceedings concluded with the traditional toast - "Rotary the World Over!". Old friends continued to socialise for quite a time, before the conclusion of a very pleasant event.