Lunchtime meeting notes – 14th February 2017

President:  Patrick Staines
Duty Host:   Chris Bloomfield
Cashiers: Oliver Lister & Alan Whitehouse
Members: 18
Guests:  Ian Jukes – Chairman of Rory the Robot appeal

Non apologies: None

Presidents introduction

Welcome to Guests:  Ian Jukes

Greeting from other clubs:  None

Members welfare:  

 Today’s speakers:  Ian Jukes – Chairman of Rory the Robot appeal

Social Club events:

Foundation celebration Dinner now at Evesham Town Hall. Friday 17th February 2017 @ 7pm. £12.00 per head.

Birthdays: Jan Harris


Sri Lankan Cultural Evening:  To support a project supplying clean water to 7 schools. This will be on Saturday 25th March @7pm in Pershore High School. £15 per ticket to include a 2 course Sri Lankan meal (vegetarian option if requested beforehand), Sri Lankan Entertainment, Raffle & Bar, Fun Quiz. Tickets from or .
Rotary Club Lapel Badges: Any members wanting these let me know. I have a small supply available at £2 each.
International weekend – Rotterdam 19-21st May 2017. More info expected next week.
Foodbank collections arranged with Morrisons. 8th July & 9th December. These are Saturdays instead of usual Fridays in order to improve on previous parcel numbers.
Council meeting for February moved to 21st February at Ecgwins.
Foundation event – moved to Evesham Town Hall now due to fire at Raphael’s.


Speaker: Ian Jukes – Chairman of Rory the Robot appeal for Worcestershire Prostate Cancer support

Each of the local hospitals contributes towards overall service.

Worcester – Radiotherapy & Kemotherapy
Kidderminster  - Biopsy & analysis
Redditch – Treatment & operations


Detection is often started through abnormal PSA readings from blood tests.
This is often followed by 10 biopsy samples & produces what is known as a Gleason score.
Operations are current done by open surgery that leaves a 10-12 inch scar. The size of the incision is due to the difficulty to reach the effected area due to its location.
Typical hospital stay is 5-6 days.
1 in every 8 men are effected by it.
All of the above can be reduced by the advances & capabilities of key hole type surgery performed by Rory the Robot.
The robot could also be used for other similar applications .

The appeal is to raise around £1M of which £300k has already been raised. This will enable the Worcestershire NHS Trust to lease a Robot costing £1.9M. The robot is built by da Vinci Corporation. Leasing benefits include enabling them to move to newer robots as & when they are developed rather being stuck with the current model & all fundraising is going through the Hospital charity account to enable VAT to be addressed in the most efficient manner.

Questions/comments from the floor:

Bruce – Similar service from Cheltenham Hospital a few years ago – Bacitherapy approach was used where they sow a seed in the area to eradicate the problem.

Joyce – The scanning to detect this needs to be done more often to catch problems earlier.


Meeting ended at 14.10 pm