Meeting Notes
10th October 2017

President Chris Bloomfield welcomed all Rotarians present to the day’s business meeting.
The Cashiers reported two non-apologies.
There were no items of correspondence to bring to the meeting.
Chris noted that the funeral had taken place of Rotarian Michael Blinkhorn.
Formation of a Satellite Club.

Chris distributed copies of the proposal that had been prepared by Paul Bennett. (See appendix 1 below for details.)
There followed a brief discussion with questions about the need for a less formal agenda and information that funding might be available from District to support the start-up.
The core team for the start-up process would be Steve Davies, John Hill and Paul Bennett.
The proposal was put to the meeting and accepted unanimously.

Business meeting:


Trevor Battersby passed on Jan Harris’ regrets that family business prevented her from attending the meeting. Trevor presented Jan’s report on her behalf.
The Club has sent money to provide a Shelter Box for those who have been affected by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean. We have also contacted a rotary Club in the area to enquire as to whether we can assist further. They have acknowledged the contact but not replied with any suggestions.
The Pay Pay school and community projects are progressing well and all monies have been paid over by RI.
We have been invited to the 85th Charter Celebrations of the Cebu Club on Friday 17th November. Anyone wishing to attend to represent our Club should contact Jan.
Mike Love is scheduled to visit us in April to talk about the Nepal Trust, which we might like to support. A decision to be made after Mike’s visit.
International Weekend this year will be from 1st – 3rd June in Belgium. Further details to follow in due course.

Dementia Action Alliance.

Hein van der Steen presented information about the progress of the establishment of the Dementia Action Alliance in Evesham. (See appendix 2 below for details).He proposed that our Club should become a ‘member’ of this Alliance, although he explained that ‘supporter’ might be a better description as we would not be committing ourselves to anything specific. He pointed out that we are already active in the ‘Bridging Generations’ project and the aims of the Alliance are fully in line with those of Rotary’s in supporting the local Community. It was hoped that following discussion, it was agreed that we should apply for Membership of the Dementia Action Alliance for Evesham.

Tree of Light

John Darby reported that preparations are progressing well. There have been some volunteers who had made themselves available to help with the administrative process, but more help will be needed.
All lights have been tested and only a small number needed replacing. Last year’s improvements have made a huge difference.
Tim Malin has agreed to prepare a manual for the benefit of future generations. This will describe the complete process involved in preparing the Tree of Light, so that knowledge and experiences are not lost.


Joyce Davey reported that the Foundation dinner had been both very successful and enjoyable. A total of £182.50 had been raised for Foundation, which had already been passed on.


Richard Stackhouse informed the meeting that the next ‘Lunch in the Community’ would be held on 28th November at Working World.

Club Service

Chris reminded everyone about the need to forward menu choices to Oliver Lister no later than 31st October . Payment of £28.50 per head should be made to Martin King either by cheque or BACS by the same date.
 Members were reminded about the Halloween Evening Meeting – on 31st October! This is a partners' event and fancy dress is optional! There will be a Halloween themed quiz prepared by Patrick Staines to look forward to! Chris would circulate more information shortly.

There being no items of any other business, President Chris proposed the Final Toast and closed the meeting at 14.10.

Trevor R Battersby

Hon. Secretary

Appendix 1

Satellite Club Proposal


Orto Lounge, Market Square, Evesham.


Twilight (6pm) on a fortnightly basis.

Day:  Monday

Meal option:

Bar snack or go out afterwards if interested.


Fortnightly – Speaker & Fellowship (1st Monday of month) then Charity/Business meeting & Fellowship (3rd Monday of the month).

Objective of Satellite:

·Those who cannot attend at lunchtimes as they current work.

·To broaden the appeal of Evesham Rotary Club & to grow the membership in Evesham.

·Additional Skills, knowledge & expertise to server our community.

·Attract younger members to supplement the ageing membership within the Club.

·To be seen as an extension of our existing club.

Payment: To be confirmed.

Fees: Same as main club after 6 months initial start up.

Integration with main Evesham Club: Could still be linked to current committees. Option to attend Evesham Rotary Social events.

Meeting agenda:

Apologies/non apologies; welcome to guests; Greetings from other clubs; Members welfare; Notices & Correspondence & feedback from Club Council; Speaker or Charity update/discussion; Social events; Next meeting; Birthdays, Cashiers next month; AOB Final toast.

Core team: Steve Davies, John Hill, Paul Bennett. 

Appendix 2

Proposal for Membership of the Evesham Dementia Action Alliance.

Bridging Generations – Evesham Community minibus Alliance – Evesham Dementia Action Alliance


A few years ago, our Club concluded that it was worthwhile, in addition to fundraising, to develop a more hands-on approach to support the local community. After some follow-up discussions, it was concluded that an ageing population and an increase of the number of people living with dementia was an appropriate community problem to focus on.

Three initiatives: 1) Bridging Generations, 2) Evesham Community minibus Alliance and 3) Evesham Dementia Action Alliance, are at different stages of development and the question is to what extent the Rotary Club of Evesham wants to be involved to:

Make Evesham a better place to live for older people, including those living with Dementia
To raise the profile of Rotary in the Evesham community and to be more visible
To improve the transport options for young and older people and make community projects more effective.

Bridging Generations

The main objective is to create an opportunity for older people to benefit from a social activity, including interaction with young people. The program for 2017/18 is developing with 8 planned sessions and a summer event. Students (and Staff) at Evesham college take responsibility for organising a lunch followed by a social activity. Rotary is involved in the PR and making sure that we get the information to the target group through local churches, Rooftop, EDAA etc. Target group size is 20. Based on the experience of 2017/18 we will decide how to continue with the project. Carole Davis, Jacky Bennett, Pam Nilo-Walton and Hein van der Steen are directly involved. Transport is an issue to be resolved (see below). At this point in time, no specific Rotary additional activities /decisions are required.

Evesham Community Bus Alliance (ECBA)

The objective is to develop ECBA as a group of local organisations and individuals who are committed to enable people to participate in events and live well at all ages. The focus is on the creation of a network of minibuses delivering transport options for communities in Evesham and surrounding villages.

There are two types of member organisations involved:

Owner Member Organisations (OMOs). These are organisations that own their own minibus(es) and are willing to participate in the community bus project.
User Member Organisations (UMOs). These are organisations that want to use the network of minibuses of participant organisations to arrange transport for events for the community, schools, care homes, sport clubs, ……).

Individual members:

Representatives of Owner and User organisations that want to play an active role in ECBA.
Other individuals that want to play an active role in ECBA.

Jenny Johnson, Colin Tether, Ann Williams and Hein van der Steen are involved in the start-up of ECBA. 

Important short-term tasks are:

Evaluate the availability of minibuses in the area (OMO’s)
Evaluate which organisations/groups could benefit (UMO’s)
Volunteers (recruitment, vetting, training, ….)
Develop link with EVC who could run the scheme alongside their private car scheme
Funding (John Martin, Tesco, Wychavon, Rooftop, ………)
Financial plan, budget, rates, eligibility rules, …….

The question now is whether, and if so how, Rotary wants to be/ could be involved in ECBA. Options are:

No involvement
A few members get involved, but not specifically as Rotarians
Rotary supports the project by providing specific support and expertise

Some of our members get directly involved in ECBA
Rotary will be a key member of ECBA
Rotary will also use the scheme for the Bridging Generations project
Some of our members could become EVC volunteer driver of a minibus
ECBA is an independent Constituted Community organisation
Funding requests will be evaluated alongside other funding requests

Rotary adopts the project

Our involvement and responsibilities increase from 1) to 4). The PR value, promoting the Rotary brand and providing a service to the local community also increases accordingly. I think a certain variant of option 3 could be optimal.

Evesham Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA)

The Evesham Dementia Action Alliance is a social movement with the aim to bring about a community wide response to dementia across Evesham. It is a group of local organisations, businesses and individuals who are committed to enabling people to live well with dementia by taking action to contribute towards the development of a Dementia Friendly Community.

Specific objectives are as follows:

To improve the Dementia Awareness of the general public within Evesham.
To improve the Dementia Awareness of local organisations that interact with people affected by and living with dementia.
To work with and support local organisations to develop, update and implement specific action plans that contribute to the creation of dementia friendly communities.

There are two types of members: 1) Approved Member Organisations; organisations that have been accepted as EDAA members based on an action plan approved by the National DAA and 2) Individual members; representatives of member organisations that want to play an active role in the EDAA and other individuals that want to play an active role in the EDAA.

EDAA is a constituted community organisation linked to the national DAA of the Alzheimer’s Association. Limited funding (Tesco scheme) is used to meet the aims of the EDAA and to support local organisations and initiatives that contribute to the creation of dementia friendly communities. EDAA is not a fundraising organisation.

The question now is whether, and if so how, Rotary wants to be/ could be involved in EDAA. Options are:

Hein continues as Chairperson, but no specific Rotary involvement
We become an approved member organisation

We have done the dementia awareness training
We need to develop a simple action plan based on our Bridging Generations project
Other projects such as fundraising, ECBA, dementia café’s etc. can be added in the future if we embark on any of these projects
One of the Rotarians involved in the Bridging Generations or other related projects will represent Rotary. That involvement could be limited to participation in the quarterly general meetings, which is optional.

The second option would be beneficial for EDAA (the more organisations take part the better) and would have PR value for us, promoting the Rotary brand. 

Final remark

The three projects are related. It starts with the Bridging Generations project. The existence of ECBA would make it easier to get the right people to the BG events. With our involvement in BG, ECBA and potentially other related projects, we would contribute to EDAA achieving its objectives and to become EDAA member would be appropriate.

Hein van der Steen - 060917