Meeting Notes
31st October 2017

President Chris Bloomfield welcomed all guests and members to this year’s Halloween Party.
Rotarian John Hill said grace.
There were no non-apologies.
Rotarian Jan Harris welcomed our two guests for the evening, Professor Michael Orme from Worcester Rotary Club and Mrs Hilary Orme.
Greetings were brought from Tewkesbury RC and Harrogate RC.
Members were informed that unfortunately Bruce has been readmitted to hospital, evidently because he is encountering problems with his current medication. Good wishes were sent to Bruce and Carolle.
Next ordinary meeting will be on 7th November together with De Montfort Interact Club.
Next Meeting of Club Council will be on the evening of 7th November.
The main event for the evening was a ‘Halloween and All Things Scary and Creepy’ quiz. This had been prepared, practically and proactively, by Past President Patrick ‘Paranormal’ Staines. He had ingeniously invented an inquisition that was invariably iniquitous and imaginative! It is fair to say that most participants found the quiz questions to be …… challenging – except of course for the victorious team table who had clearly researched the topic in preparation for the event and achieved an astounding score of 64%. Congratulations! The team table with your correspondent was not nearly so erudite and scraped together a measly 36%, even having been in receipt of some clues from Paranormal Patrick. Chris awarded the victors an appropriate prize of suitable Quality with due ceremony!
Chris closed the meeting with a vote of thanks to Patrick for his hard work in preparing the quiz and to Oliver and Lynne for arranging the room decorations, which gave the evening an added zest!

Trevor R Battersby

Hon. Secretary.