Meeting Notes
5th December 2017
Speaker – Job Talk

President Chris welcomed all members to the meeting.
Rotarian Martin King said grace.
President Chris had visited Worcester Severn Rotary Club last week. He brought greetings from President Sue Fitzjohn along with a recommendation for a very good speaker he had heard at their meeting.
Correspondence etc.

The Secretary read a letter of thanks from Kevin Hately of New College Worcester for the invitation to address our Club.
The Secretary had represented our Club at the recent District 1100 Council meeting. There were a number of items to discuss and they would be raised at Council.

Rotarian Pamela Nilo-Walton was invited to present her Job Talk. One of Pamela’s ancestors had followed Florence Nightingale to the Crimea in 1854 and since then, every generation in her family had contained at least one member of the medical profession. A proud record! Following family tradition, the early part of Pamela’s career had been spent as a Dental Hygienist.  However, on her return to this area in the late 1980s, it had proven difficult to obtain employment in that profession. Consequently, she had decided on a career change and retrained, obtaining a degree in Nursing at the University of Western England. Initially she had worked as a surgical nurse in Cheltenham, progressing in due time to become the lead nurse in a medical ward, where she became involved with the treatment of people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. Pamela related that this was one of the most interesting periods of her career. Eventually, she returned to surgical nursing and became a Maggot Nurse – sorry, I mean someone specialising in larval treatment of open wounds …..!! The final stages of her career were spent in Clinical Governance with Gloucester NHS Trust. She was able to report some interesting stories involving Chinook Helicopters and balconies but was unable to share many of the other incidents in which she had been involved for confidentiality reasons! Pamela’s fascinating career ended when she retired as Site Manager at Gloucester Hospital, where she had a wide-ranging operational management role. Chris commented on the varied and fascinating experience Pamela had in the medical profession and asked everyone to show their appreciation for the talk in the usual way.

Club Service etc

Tree of Light - John Darby asked everyone to bring a packet of mince pies to the switch-on as this year we have not been able to obtain support from Tesco for this.
Food Bank Collection – people were asked to sign up to help with the collection on 9th December at Morrison’s.
Richard reported that Prince Henry Interact Club had made significant donations to MacMillan Cancer Support and Medicins sans Frontières, while De Montfort Club had collected a huge amount of toiletries to be donated along with the Food Bank. Both Clubs are to be congratulated on a great effort!

There being no other business, President Chris proposed the final toast and closed the meeting at 14.00.  

Trevor R Battersby

Hon. Secretary.