Meeting Notes
12th December 2017
Special General Meeting

In the absence of President Chris and SVP Hein van der Steen due to the inclement weather, it was agreed that IPP Patrick Staines would chair the meeting.
Rotarian Oliver Lister said grace.
Members welfare

Good wishes were sent to Carole who, it is understood, was due to undergo surgery on her knee on Friday.
Good wishes were also sent to Joyce for the speedy and complete recovery of her daughter.

Correspondence etc.

There were no items of correspondence to deal with at this meeting.

IPP Patrick moved on to the Agenda for the Special General Meeting, which had been circulated to all members in accordance with the statutory notice period.

Hon. Treasurer Martin King presented the Annual Accounts for the year ending 30th June 2017. The accounts had been sub-divided into the following categories;

General Account (subscriptions etc)
Matched Club Account (funds for twinning visits)
Charity Account
General Account (unrestricted fund)
Tree of Light Account
Philip Martin Memorial Fund (restricted fund – prizes for IT)
John Luckhurst Memorial Fund (restricted fund – school bench)

The Hon. Treasurer answered a number of questions of clarification from members, including further details of the various funds described above. The accounts had been examined and approved by the Examiner and on that basis, IPP Patrick asked the meeting for approval of the accounts by show of hand. The motion was carried unanimously.

b and c.   IPP Patrick reported that, most unfortunately, there were no nominations for the offices of SVP or JVP for the coming year. He pointed out the utmost importance of these positions for the vitaity of the club in the future and asked members to think again and for people to take a step forward and volunteer.

d.  Rotarian Trevor Battersby had volunteered to act as Hon. Secretary for the coming year. IPP Patrick asked for the approval of the meeting by show of hands and the motion was carried unanimously.

e.  Rotarian Martin King had volunteered to continue in the office of Hon. Treasurer for the coming year. IPP Patrick asked for the approval of the meeting by show of hands and the motion was carried unanimously.

f.  There were no nominations at this stage for the office of Assistant Secretary, although Lynne Raymer had agreed to continue to prepare Council minutes and it was hoped that this position would be formalised in due course.

g.  IPP Patrick was pleased to note that the club is at least in safe hands for the coming Rotary Year, given that there is an excellent SVP in place in Hein van der Steen. Hein will succeed President Chris at the end of June 2018.

h.  It was agreed to postpone the selection of delegates to the Annual Conference of the Association and candidates for the offices of President and Hon. Treasurer of the Association.

Club Service etc

Christmas Dinner at The Vale Golf Club will be held on 19th Deember at 7pm for 7.30pm. 49 people were expected to attend.
Tree of Light – Martin King reported that preliminary figures showed that we had matched last year’s total and this had included an improved response from local busineses.
Food Bank Collection – this had been an excellent event and in many ways humbling to receive donations from people who had been in need themselves previously. Some 1700 items in total had been delivered to ‘Caring Hands’ and the tremendous support from De Montfort School Rotaract Club is particularly worthy of note. They had collected some 550 items of toiletries to donate, a marvellous effort!
Sue Lomas reported on the ‘Kids Out’ day, which had been a very successful event with 65 children being taken out for the day.

IPP Patrick asked members to join with him in sending warmest wishes and many congratulations to John and Daphne Hill on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Duty Host for the meeting on 9th January 2018 is Bruce Snowdon.
John Darby will be speaking at the meeting on the topic of Street Pastors.
Cashiers for the month of January 2018 will be Richard Stackhouse and Jeremy Knight.

There being no other business, IPP Patrick proposed the final toast and closed the meeting at 14.00.  

Trevor R Battersby

Hon. Secretary.