Meeting Notes
14th November 2017

President Chris welcomed all guests and members to the meeting.
Rotarian Bruce Snowdon said grace.
There were no non-apologies. Thanks to John (Hill) for standing in as cashier in the absence of Jan and Tim (Willlis).
There were neither guests at today’s meeting, nor greetings from other clubs.
John Darby had submitted a brief report on this year’s Tree of Light process, which, in his absence, President Chris read to the meeting.

Tree Lights have been hung. Some new connections will be needed in the box according to the electrician who will provide a quote.
 A board was circulated asking members to sign up to help on the afternoon and/or evening shifts on switch-on day, 7th December.
Merlin suggested that the switch-on meal would probably be held in the Blue Lagoon, but in response to questions said he was open to alternative suggestions.
Martin reported that numbers are slightly ahead of last year but it is still early days.

Club Service

Oliver commented that 15 members had been invited in small groups to ‘tea parties’. These had proven successful and enjoyable and he promised that all those who had not yet received such an invitation would indeed receive one ….. before next July!
Oliver would bring tickets for the Royal Marines Concert in Cheltenham to the next meeting. He did not intend to co-ordinate travel or meal arrangements but hoped everyone would be OK to make their own way to the theatre.
John Hill asked for a show of hands in support of two alternative theatre visits. Brighton Rock at the Everyman in Cheltenham next March gained most support and John undertook to arrange tickets.
Oliver reminded everyone that Laurie Wolder had offered to guide a group of 16 at the Russell Museum in Broadway. The suggestion is that this would be followed by up-market fish and chips in the adjoining chippie. This visit would take place in the New Year.
There will be a wine tasting after Christmas but details are sketchy at the moment. Watch this space!

Lynne invited everyone to the presentation of the Young Writer award, which will be held at De Montfort School at 16.45 on 23rd November.
President Chris confirmed that, accompanied by some members, he had laid a wreath on behalf of the Club on Remembrance Sunday. John (Mansfield) commented that he had been particularly impressed by the turnout of the Polish contingent to share the occasion on what is their National Day.


Trevor R Battersby

Hon. Secretary.