Support from our MP

Support from our MP

It’s nice to know our elected representatives acknowledge and appreciate the good work we have all been involved with at this time of crisis!

Nigel Huddleston MP

Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire


Dear Rotary Club of Evesham

It has been brought to my attention the absolutely wonderful work that you have been undertaking on behalf of the local community in this time of the coronavirus crisis, including making laundry bags, headbands, face mask extenders and helpful items for people with dementia. I know that you have made and delivered an extraordinary number of items, all designed to make people more comfortable and feel safer, and your team of volunteers have worked so very hard in such a short space of time.

Could you please pass on my sincere congratulations and appreciation to all of those involved. It is acts like these which make our community what it is – and volunteers with the Rotary Club of Evesham are amongst the very best of what makes a wonderful community and society. I know you will continue to keep up the good work in good times and in bad, and I offer you all my deepest thanks.

Once this awful crisis is over, if you would care to invite me to come and visit you at the Rotary Club, I would very much enjoy the opportunity to meet some of the volunteers and have the chance to thank them in person.

With very kind regards,