Great Community Spirit

Great Community Spirit

Great community spirit

More good news and an example of how people are pulling together to help our NHS and Care Worker ‘Heroes’ during this Covid-19 emergency!

Volunteers from several outlying villages, including Fladbury, Cropthorne, Lenchwick, Dumbleton, Charlton and Lower Moor as well as from Evesham Town itself, Evesham Rotary and Rotary in the Vale came together over the past few weeks to produce a range of items of PPE for donation to our local health services. Following on from donations to hospitals in Worcester, Redditch and Droitwich attention turned to recognising our own local Care Home Workers.

Nearly 400 Care Workers in 8 homes in and around the town were identified. To start off with they all received small gifts in recognition of their hard work of chocolates and hand lotion donated by the Rotary Club of Evesham.

‘Who doesn’t need chocolates and hand lotion at the moment? Bring on expanding waistlines and softer hands!”, said the staff at Briarlee Care Home!

Following on from this, a team of volunteer sew-ers from the villages produced hundreds of laundry bags, headbands, face mask extenders and ‘fiddler muffs’ that were delivered to each of the Care Homes. 

Over 500 items were delivered! - laundry bags, headbands, face-mask extenders and fiddler muffs

Evesham Rotary President Elect, Trevor Battersby said, “We have been delighted to co-ordinate this effort, which has achieved a magnificent result in a very short space of time. Our Club was also pleased to provide financial support to De Montfort surgery to help them prepare for the emergency and continue to offer whatever help we can to the Foodbank operated by Caring Hands in the Vale. These initiatives are exactly what Rotary Clubs across the country are about and we are proud to support our local communities here in Evesham and The Vale.”