Boules - end of season!

On Monday 5 September, the Waterside piste was witness to a staggering boules performance. Evesham’s strongest team of the season turned out to ensure that the last match would restore the honour of the club after a strong start had tailed off to a string of losses. The visitors had had a poor start but improved of late – an epic encounter was in prospect. Bennet P; Berrecloth S; De Paris I; Lomas S; Warrington R. & Staines P. (on the bench due to enthusiastically poor form all season) sallied forth. Evesham had their noses ahead early in the Triples but faded to defeat, and the trend was set for the evening.  Fading light and a hasty retreat to The Blue Lagoon left no time for the final doubles games and the visitors were thereby denied a clean sweep. Official result: Evesham 0, Cheltenham Sunrise 9 (2 doubles un-played). Over curry and Cobra beer both teams agreed that getting into the finals was not only bad form for Rotary ladies and gentlemen, but also time-consuming and altogether too serious.  For the same reason, the teams agreed that photographs would be superfluous, so these were dispensed with.