De Montfort 16th June Hein

De Montfort interact club

16th June 2016

Hein van der Steen

Teacher Tabby Matthews and 9 students (8 female, 1 male) participated in the meeting. It was a short meeting.

Most discussion was about the cake project (competition and sales) with the main event now taking place on the 22nd of June. No idea about level of participation. Will find out on the day.

BTG is now managed by the school. In the future, the Interact group might play a more active role.

Discussion about what fund raiser to plan on Fiesta day. Tea party and Lemonade stand.

Both PH and DM interact groups try to set up a meeting. That would be very useful for the DM Interact group.

Suggestion: whoever goes to the PH Interact meeting next week could ask the PH Interact group to produce a list of fund raising projects that they have done. Then per project:

How much was raised?
How difficult/time consuming was it to organise (score: easy, OK or difficult)?
Was it a fun event for the school?
Will they do it again and would they advise DM interact group to try it (Yes or No)?