De Montfort 19th May Hein van der Steen

De Montfort Interact Club

19th May 2016

Hein van der Steen

Teacher Tabby Matthews and 10 students (9 female, 1 male) participated in the meeting. It was quite unruly with often several students trying to speak. It did not help that President Courtney was not there as she had exams.

Most discussion was about the cake project (competition and sales) with the main event taking place on the 8th of June. Posters need to be produced. I passed on Patrick’s present for the student who sells most cakes.

Mrs Matthews is going to climb mount Whitney (15,000 ft) in the US. She is looking for sponsors. The money will go to the Interact club, i.e. a float to cover ad hoc costs. Perhaps our members can also sponsor Mrs Matthews once they have agreed on the format of the sponsorship?

If Mike/Richard have a date for the Incorporation, the inscription on the jewels can be completed.