As lockdown tightens across the UK, it's clear we need to change the way we provide support for foodbanks.

Previously .....

We have held two foodbank collections a year and then given the items to Caring Hands in the Vale to distribute to those in need.

But now.....

We can't - bulk buy items, attend supermarkets and obey all the Covid-19 restrictions.

All very understandable, but what CAN we do?

We are donating the money we would normally spend on lunches to Caring Hands in the Vale, so that the charity can buy the food and other items they need. Starting in April 2020, we will continue until we can start our foodbank collections again.

We hope this will help in this very difficult and unprecedented time.

We are also offering additional specialist help in planning for the future so that those who work in the Foodbank can concentrate on meeting the huge increase in demand they are experiencing.


During 2019 ....

On Saturday 9th December 2019, the Rotary Club of Evesham, held their bi-annual tin and non perishable items collection at Morrisons Supermarket, Evesham, to help those in need over Christmas.

The collection was the most successful yet with a record of 1860 items which will be handed over to Caring Hands in the Vale, who will distribute via food banks across Evesham and The Vale.

Diane Bennett of Caring Hands commented, “During the first 2 weeks of November 2019, we handed out 35 food parcels and expect this to rise over the winter. We normally provide about 70 to 80 hampers Christmas hampers to families and individuals.  Christmas hampers include  Christmas ‘goodies’ which most of us take for granted, such as chocolates, selection boxes, mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake, etc."

We are always delighted, sometimes stunned and overwhelmed by the generosity we see from people, community groups, companies, schools, churches etc in The Vale of Evesham, and are extremely grateful for the ongoing support that we receive.” 

Rotarian organiser Jeremy Knight commented, "Evesham Rotary is well aware of the growth in the number of individuals and families, many with children, who have to ask for the help of Foodbanks to provide their daily needs. As Rotarians, we want to support those people in our community which is why this is an important part of our activities."

He added, “We know many of Morrisons’ shoppers will buy extra items that will help those who are in need of support and we thank them most sincerely for this. I would also like to thank Morrisons for their help and support and of course the amazing charity Caring Hands who will make sure the collected items go to those in need.”      

Delivering to Caring Hands:









Saturday 17th August 2019, saw another successful foodbank collection at Morrisons by Evesham Rotary club. The incredibly generous shoppers at Morrisons donating over 1300 items of food, tins and lots of non perishable items.

A large van load was taken to Caring Hands in the Vale, where the volunteer will then sort the collection and create food parcels for those in need. Diane Bennett of Caring Hands was thrilled with the quantity and variety of what was given, commenting, “This will help so many families and individuals who are finding life very difficult at the moment”.

During the collection we were joined by local MP Nigel Huddleston, who gave his support to the collection. He discussed Rotary and our involvement in the community, with the focus on Caring Hands and their distribution of food parcels.

As always we at Rotary want to thank Morrisons for allowing us to come and of course the wonderful customers who give so much.