Foodbank Collection

Foodbank Collection


On Saturday 9th December, the Rotary Club of Evesham, will be holding their annual tin and non perishable items collection at Morrisons Supermarket, Evesham, to help those in need this Christmas.

The collection will be between 11am and 3pm and the collected items will be handed over to local charity Caring Hands, who will distribute them to food banks across Evesham and The Vale. Diane Bennett of Caring Hands said,

‘We are always delighted to receive the support of Evesham Rotary Club and Morrisons Evesham who organise a food collection for Caring Hands in the Vale twice a year.  The Foodbank in Evesham which has been run by Caring Hands for almost 15 years, has seen a rapid increase in referrals, particularly over the last twelve months.  We are at the moment operating on a 40% increase in referrals from this time last year and we would not be able to sustain this increase without the ongoing support of the community including Evesham Rotary Club.’

The aim of the  collection, is for shoppers to buy extra tins and non perishable items during their own shop and  donate them, so that  local food banks around the area can hand them over to those people in need.

Rotarian organiser Jeremy Knight commented, “Evesham Rotary Club is well aware of the growth and continual need of the number of individuals and families, many with children, who need the help of food banks, to provide much needed food and non perishable goods. As Rotarians we want to help those in need within our own community and this is why we continue with these collections.

“We know that many of Morrisons’ shoppers will buy extra items that will help those who are in need of support and we thank them for this. I would also like to thank Morrisons for their help and support and of course the amazing charity Caring Hands who will make sure the collected items go to those in need.”

The Rotary Club will have leaflets on the day to guide shoppers in the ideal items to buy.