Evening meeting notes – 14th March 2017

President:  Patrick Staines
Duty Host:  Hein V D Steen
Cashiers: John Hill/Oliver Lister
Members:  18
Guests:   0

Non apologies:1


Presidents introduction & welcome to guests:  

Greeting from other clubs:  None

Members welfare: Some members have met up with Val to see how she is doing. Patrick will also make contact.

Social/club events:  A Board was circulated for the Sri Lanken evening on 25th March (final numbers and due payments were collected by Peter Davidson).


Abigails Party at Malvern Theatre on Wed 19th April – Board circulated, John Hill collecting names.

International Weekend – Board circulated, will recirculate next week.

Prince Henrys High School production of  “Much Ado About Nothing” 6 comp tickets available for dress rehearsal on Wed afternoon, Patrick Staines attending.


International Weekend: Peter Davidson gave a brief update on plans for the 19/21st May, more information required – Peter/Hein to investigate.

District Budget: Patrick gave an insight into the District 1100 budget. While membership numbers continue to decrease District has worked hard to keep its costs down and proposes that its Annual Subscription 2017/18 will remain unchanged at £16 per member.

RIBI propose an increase from £52 to £60 with further increases set across the following two years, this provoked a number of questions from members as to the value and future of RIBI.

Meeting ended at 2 pm