Lunchtime meeting notes – 28th March 2017

President:  Deputising: Hein V D Steen
Duty Host:   Peter Davidson
Cashiers: Kohn Hill
Members: 17
Guests:   None.

Non apologies: 0

Presidents introduction & welcome to guests:   

Greeting from other clubs:  None

Members welfare :

Trevor is about to go into hospital again & expects to be out of action for up to 6 weeks.

President’s update:

Secretary’s update: AGM notification  & agenda has been issued to all by email this morning. AGM will take place at the end of the lunchtime meeting on 11th April 2017.

Business meeting updates:

Foundation - No further update at this point in time after the Foundation event in the Town Hall.
International – 160 people attended Sri Lankan evening on Saturday. Final amount raised unknown at this point in time but know that the projects identified have been covered.
Club Service – District Conference was an overwhelming success with 455 attendees.

Feedback at today’s meeting was that it was better than last time, more structured/varied & quality.  For some of the sessions the sound was not as good as it could have been & although the magician was expensive he was good & for some the murder mystery was a little disappointing. Rotary showcase was very good especially the Kids Out presentation. Some useful ideas were collected regarding abuse in our own town. Lindsay found an excellent Fish restaurant that she will definitely be returning to again! Len raised a vote of thanks to the team for doing such an excellent job & Jan thanked her whole team for their contribution.

Future Social events : Oliver outlined a few ideas including another Rota Eat which gained full club support. John Hill requested that anyone still wanting to attend Abigail’s Party production at Malvern on 19/4/17 to contact him no later than 30th March. He has at this point in time 5 tickets remaining.

ComVoc – The content & an outline of the Summer Auction & fundraising event was discussed together with the Rory the Robot charity that we are intending to support from this event. The team working on this are progressing well but more members are always welcome to join in & help as well. The auction is set for 28th July 2017 @ Beckford Arms. 7 for 7.30pm start. 4course meal plus welcoming drink, live band “Upstream” supplied by Tim.


 President’s night event to be raised at forthcoming Club Council meeting.

Meeting ended at 2 pm