PHHS visit by Hein

Prince Henry’s Interact Meeting, 10-05-2016

Report from Hein van der Steen

This week was not a ‘normal’ meeting but a recruitment drive. The interact team is too small (5 students?) and new members need to be recruited, in particular for next year.

26 students took part, 5 from the existing team and 21 prospects. The split was 19 female and 7 male students plus Barbara Taylor and one other teacher.

BT gave the introduction. Focus is on community, inside the school and the wider community. Important are fundraising, having fun, develop skills and contacts. Try to have more activities in school such as the Movie night (13th of May) and the fashion show. Interact raise £2,000 to £5,000 per year for Charity.

The main point was that they would like to have teams instead of individuals. Now one individual is responsible for something (for example finance). It would be better to have a team for each of these functions.

Next year a new rule will be introduced that a Senior Prefect needs to be willing to participate in Interact activities with at least 2 Senior Prefects participating each week.

Mollie (student, President) presented the student perspective. Talked about the different roles (who does what this year). Advantages: develop skills, looks good on CV, something useful to talk about during interviews, ………, having fun, get to know students across year classes, …., doing something useful for the community.

All in all, a good meeting of 15 minutes after which it broke up in smaller groups, talking about Interact, eating pizza etc.