Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

Letter of thanks to volunteers who took part

PPE and other items produced for Evesham Care Home workers
and Domestic Care workers

Dear All

We are astounded by your achievements! In less than four weeks, since we first came together as a community team to produce PPE items for Evesham’s Care workers, you have produced some 831 items, 794 of which have been delivered to the Care Workers we wanted to acknowledge. In doing this, you achieved the target of providing each one of them with whatever they had requested – laundry bags/headbands/extenders – and even added a few ‘Fiddler Muffs’ for people living with dementia. Well done indeed!

Here below is a table showing a breakdown of what was achieved during May;

Laundry bags              270

Headbands                  406

Mask extenders           110

Fiddler Muffs                 14

Reserve - 9 laundry bags and 28 headbands

Grand total of items delivered = 800

Grand total of items produced = 837

We have received many emails expressing grateful thanks from the recipients together with a few photos. We are in the process of posting them on the website and Facebook page of the Rotary Club of Evesham for everyone to see. We think you also all know that the Evesham Journal included an article in last week’s edition. Please let me know if you would like your own copies of any of these and we will email them to you.

From Rotary’s point of view, we think we can draw this project to a close now. We want to thank everyone once more for all your efforts and would ask that you pass on the spirit of this letter to any friends in your circle who have contributed to this result. Please do not hesitate to contact us in future if you think our Rotary Clubs can help in any way with community or charity issues in our area.

Best wishes


Trevor Battersby

President Elect; 2020-2021

Rotary Club of Evesham