De Montfort Visit by Patrick

Today’s meeting was visited by the Head, Guy Nichols, who joined in the photo session (see attached – also for the website, please, Steve.  I cleared it with Mrs. Matthews).  Not much business done due to limited time, but the cake sale for the Dogs Home is going ahead on the 4th and 5th May.  Other fundraising ideas are progressing.  The original Vice-President has not attended meetings, so a vote was held to select a new one.  Campaigning was compressed into 5 hectic minutes and names were drawn from a coffee cup.  The new Vice-President is Hannah, who is usually busy on the computer tracking the meetings with real-time minutes – quite an achievement.  President Courtney is standing for Head Girl and was wearing a badge to advertise the fact (“Vote for Courtney, the girl with the smile who goes the extra mile”).  Each committee member has a lapel button – they went down well – and I have the spares.  I have held on to the sash and jewel so we can get the back engraved – there’s room for something like: 

     De Montfort School 


      Interact Club

  Founded 2015-2016 (or 1st meeting date?)


I’ll leave the decision to Richard and Mike.